Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Still in Kitely...

2013??? Has it been that long since I posted here?  Been swamped with other issues and have only very slowly been working on Simone's World in Kitely. The other day I was trying a swarm program and had written a little program to rez swarm members that were pre programmed to die. Well apparently that caused probems in part because the swarm members are physical and that was casuing problems with the server...which attracted the attention of Ilan Tochner who sent me a message basically saying to fix this, which I did. At any rate this forced me to check out some of the tools Kitely has to check sim performance. The details are here on the Kitely site.

So here is what my world looks like now.

I have an early premium account which Kitely no longer offers so I am grand fathered in and pay just under $20.00's a month and  that is with 100,000 prims. But there is a good range of options and you should check for details.

Setting up your account is a bit clunky since you have to sign in with facebook or twitter. I set up a twitter account just for that. Fortunately once you are set up and can access Kitely from your viewer (Firestorm seems to work best) then you can sign in through the viewer and get to the Kitely web site through the back way.

One thing you might not like is that your world is isolated from other sims so there are not interconnected regions as in Second Life. You can theoretically get to other sims through the world map, but it is a bit of trial and error. When I get a bit more done I may link to the hypergrid. I think the privacy is well suited to educators who may not want to be griefed when they take their classes into a virtual world.