Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Playing with Light

Visiting Soror inspired me to get back to Blender which I had struggled with last summer and found it very difficult. Part of the problem is that the tutorials are often times confusing especially when it comes to exporting sculptie textures. Fortunately there is new stuff out there. Now there is a site called Second Life Artist which gives a really clear explanation of how to export sculpted prim textures to Second Life using a set of Python scripts developed by Dominodesigns.

It works great! No more editing meshes by hand and voodoo baking. Soror suggested a good place to start with Blender is with a sphere and use the Sculpting tool.

So here are a few things I did today after the inauguration.

This is a shot showing some of my sculpties. The star was made with Blender, the other glowing sculpties where made earlier as part of an installation for a video.


I thought cactuses would be easy...but I can't get fine enough detail to do spines, but I think these are cute.

Virtual Succulents


sororNishi said...

Hi.... the best way to do your spines is as a seperate set of prims. Use flat prims, set like a Linden tree (LL, not lime tree) in a hexagonal cross-section. Upload an alpha texture of simplt horizontal lines and slip these prims inside your cactus.:))
Hope this helps...:))

Simone said...

Oooh good idea...thanks... ;-)

MAAZ said...

i found the crystal package most interesting one at www.auracamera.com