Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JCCC Chromosome module

Chromosome Build at JCCC site. This is part of the evolution unit being installed at the JCCC site. It currently includes the human chimp ideograms courtesy of ENSI. You can see two of my real simple viewers, the one on the left with some narrative and the one on the right with the human chimp chromosome ideograms.

On the side directly behind me are some red and blue chromosome, that illustrate reciprical and non reciprical translocations. The four cylinders with the colored horizontal stripes illustrate basic chromosomal rearrangements. Because of their importance, I want to have a separate activity for duplications and the evolution of gene families if I can keep it simple.

On the right hand side of the picture a some of my human chromosomes that link into the Ensemble web site.

The chromosome build is at

This is open access but the rest of the JCCC sim is currently not.

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