Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome SidLit!

Science Simulations for students in Second Life at SidLit July 31, 2009.

Welcome from Simone Gateaux and her carbon based side kick Paul Decelles!

Install the Second Life viewer first and create your avatar.

SLURL to Sidlit Notecard with landmarks:

When you arrive, touch on the box which will offer you a note card with landmarks to the sites discussed in my presentation. Accept the note card into your inventory.

Other links-not SLURLS:

Some scripting resources:

Scratch for Second Life:

Autoscript: A web based script generator:

Other virtual World Systems:

Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education 2009:

Blog Entry about Wonderland:

Sun's Wonderland Site:

Video about iSocial at U of Missouri in Columbia MO:

OpenSim Links:
Blog entry about OpenSim and Intel's Science Island:
OpenSim main site:

Exit Reality
Blog Entry about Exit Reality:

Exit Reality Site:

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