Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Selfish Herd: OpenSim Evolution Simulation II

Been a bit distracted by academics but this week worked a bit on my evolution simulation. First I put limits on my critters so that if they escape my parcel they die. Next I set up a controller that uses or at least attempts to use llGetParcelPrimCount in a timer event to count my organisms and kill them all if the population grows beyond a certain size.

The script is straightforward:

But the script does seem to update the prim count properly in OpenSim unless I touch the prim with the script. What's weird is that I have used a very similar script in SL and it updates fine.

The other thing I have been working on is the duplication script itself. I am using the basic script givenn in the LSL Wiki at this link.

This gives a pretty complete list of precautions if you want to make self replicating critters. So should you decide that you need some sort of self replicating critters pay real close attention lest you get the grey goo.

Right now I have the basic replication scheme worked into my code but right now the critters replicate only on a command from they are on a pretty tight leash. The picture accompanying this post is after 8 doublings from a single critter. My critter sensing prim did not pick up that there were more than 128 critters so it is good thing I am not letting these things replicate on their own! The critters remind me of a herd hence the Selfish Herd after W. D. Hamilton's famous paper: Geometry for the selfish herd. J. theor. Biol. 31:295-311.

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