Saturday, November 23, 2013

Am under the weather this week.

Been fighting a cold this week and that may be a good thing if I am well for the holidays. I start with a continuation of my last post- At any rate when I rated Hosoi at Kitely's market place last week, I jokingly mentioned that the only thing missing was some nice hairpieces to go with my new Kimono. Well Amiryu Hosoi saw my post and sent me some nice hair pieces. Here I am complete with a new hair piece to go with my wonderful Kimono.

The green things in the background are not part of the hairpiece but large horsetails growing in my Kitely world.

 Today I spent a quiet afternoon building in Kitely so here are some shots of my home in various stages of completion, also showing some views of my world.  Not done yet but made a good start.

 This is a sleeping meditation loft.
Decided I needed a balcony off of my loft.

Now that I have more stuff up I want to see what happens when I make an OAR file for local use with New World Studio. I should at least get my created objects...we shall see.

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