Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Building the Photosynthesis Engine VI :Calvin cycle

Last night I finished the basic Calvin cycle model. The Calvin cycle is the part of photosynthesis where carbon dioxide is brought into the metabolism of the plant (or other photosynthetic organism).

Next the ATP and NADPH from the light reactions are used to donate energy and hydrogens to the carbon atoms from the carbon dioxide.

The resulting molecule, a three carbon sugar, called G3P then can be used to make glucose or other organic compounds. Making this G3P is the point of photosynthesis!

The model rezzes the molecules involved in the Calvin cycle and it is a real three ring circus to watch. Come visit the model along with the light reactions in Carmine at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Carmine/116/148/296

There is still more to do in terms of design issues and presentation and particle usage...but as with the Light Reactions, my immediate concern has been with the scripting.

The model can only be toggled on or off but unlike the light reaction model, the molecules move from spot to spot at a more sedate pace.

I want to thank SL educators Azwaldo Villota and Eloise Pasteur for their feedback on this project as well as other visitors who have dropped by from time to time.

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