Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photosynthesis Engine V....more nitty gritty...

Well the sensor approach outlined last time had some problems. The entire light reaction model has 18 prims. Sensors are limited to the 16 prims closest to the sensor. When the model was running, some of the parts were not conststantly sensing where they needed to go.

So this meant a rework using linked prims and learning about how to get linked prims to communicate.

The big issue was my protons which are rezzed at various times. The problem is that when they are rezzed, they are unlinked prims and so can't communicate with the rest of the model using the link communication functions.

The strategy that worked was to first rezz a proton, then have the linked prim that rezzed the proton get the keys for the required places the protons need to go to and sending that information to the newly rezzed prim using llWhisper functions and listen events in the proton. I was concerned that the proton's listen events might not pick up all the Whispers, but that doesn't seem to be an issue.

The model runs much more smoothly as well!

So come on over and visit at:

Still trying to decide the best way to present the Calvin cycle....and working on some other other goodies. I will also be commenting on the Stepping into Science workshop I attended In World last Friday.

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