Friday, March 27, 2009

Caminalcules Spotted at Genome Island!

No need to panic. I sent Max Chatnoir a pair of them for her to break as a beta tester, which she very nicely did in about 1 minute. So made some changes based on her feedback. The Caminalcules can now do various modes of inheritance and can either mate with each other of self fertilize as any proper organism for genetic studies ought to be able to do. Did I mention they also do linked genes? The picture show Max with her first brood. There had been a problem with permissions which caused a bit of grief until I tracked the problem down.

This coming week will see lots of frantic designing and building for the Caminalcule project including plans for a build on Genome Island once the prototype build is finished at Carmine. But a good part of today and Saturday I will be at the Virtual World best Practices Conference. Oops! Starting in about 10 minutes.

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