Saturday, March 28, 2009

Configurable Caminalcules!

One thing I wanted for my Caminalcules
to is allow for the instructor to configure different genetic systems via a note card rather than a menu system. Turned out to be pretty easy and so in amongst Best Practices Workshops, I've been squeezing out time for this.

So here is an example of a pair of Caminalcules who have indulged in a little bit of dihybrid Mendelian interaction. I'm making little activity pens or corrals (as Max Chatnoir suggests) for them partly to keep them in but because when the pups are "born" sometimes they don't end up right side up. Visitors can move them around with fear that they are going to escape!

I need to give them some sort of movement but that will need to wait and I will probably introduce that option in a couple weeks when I script my Caminalcule evolution activity.

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