Saturday, April 11, 2009

A certain cell membrane...

My biology viewers might recognise what this SL model is supposed to be.

Membrane of a certain cell

This is a preliminary prototype for a neuron membrane showing stylised transport proteins (purple). The round guys with the lids are gated sodium proteins the lidless tubes are gated potassium channel proteins. The "lids" on the sodium gates will be scripted to pop open to let Na+ ions through while the bottoms of the K+ channels will flip open and closed.

The oval shaped guy on the right is part of a Na+/K+ pump.

All these proteins are embedded in a stylised plasma membrane (red fatty acid residues connected to white polar heads with phosphorus for the phospholipids).

This project is actually part of a planned metabolism build which uses the neuron to illustrate how cells use active and passive transport for complex processes. So it's not meant as a full action potential simulation though my scripting strategy will take that possibility into account.

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