Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Evolution II 101 Dalmations?

Well no, how about 30 Caminalcules after selection favoring a recessive allele for 8 generations. The natural selection module beta is finished and works very well. The basic strategy is to have the user or users act as visual predators removing camis from the population. The module might for instance be on a certain background where some cami phenotypes are real obvious while others are not.

The "predators" remove cami's by touching them, and the population is up dated. After a set period of time say 1 minute the remaining cami's are used to make a new population, which the module generates when it is touched and the cycle is repeated until only one genotype remains or until the users give up.

At the start of each generation the module generates a report in chat on the screen showing the allele frequencies for both of the cami loci.

If Cami's are never "eaten" the result is genetic drift. So this module really combines genetic drift and natural selection. It does not use or even compute selection coefficients, but one could add that to a report.

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