Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Evolution IV

Now that I have my drift and selection modules in hand, the next goal is to working on activities that can be fit around them. I know this is a bit backwards on the surface, but what I want to focus on in my evolution module is mainly the agents of evolution. These are basically:

  • Mutation
  • Genetic Drift
  • Non random mating (of which there are several types!)
  • Migration
  • Selection
To house the activities related to these agents, I have deviated from my photosynthesis and genetics design and come up with a series of open activity arenas. Each one will have a sensor driven script for tracking visitors, an simple activity rezzer of my own design, built into one of the corner posts. Rather than use my Carmine land, I am building the agents of evolution site at my College's island. The design challenge is to work with in a 281 prim limit.

The natural selection and drift modules use temporary prims so only the rezzers for these count. My 5 activity arenas and office take up a grand total of 67 prims so that leaves me a budget of 220 prims. Now I can stretch that, since activities will not be rezzed all at the same time since each arena but each activity has a "budget" of 40 prims. Ah but each activity arena can hold multiple activities in waiting so the "budget" isn't so draconian after all. 220/5 activity arenas.

Oh and my goal is to have this done by May 7th. At least now I can focus on design more rather than the arcanity of the LSL's llfrand function and other such issues. Plus I will have two radically different design approaches to compare, the module in a box approach of my photosynthesis and gentics builds versus my more open arena centered approach.

Evolution lends
itself to the more open approach, and this summer I will install photosynthesis and the Cami genetics modules in Carmine using the arena centered approach. That way I can have the same material side by side with different design features to begin to assess what works best with students.

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