Saturday, April 11, 2009

Soror Nishi's at it again...

At Soror Nishi's new build

I am a big fan of Soror Nishi's phantasmagorical plants and was thrilled to see that she has lots of new stuff on her site. Some of her things are pretty prim intensive and much of my stuff is the same way. So prims are precious. But I do believe in supporting artists I like to the degree that I can so did find a couple things that were low prim.

Here is one of my two buys sited in my land.

Tree fern

Camilab is in the background.

You can visit Soror at

Definitely worth it.

Also today, actually yesterday now I spent some time in the Costa Rica sims poking around. These are definitely worth a visit as they are very detailed.

Here is a view from the Palo Verde sim:

Palo verde

By the way the Costa Rica builds are so nice that for the first time I have been tempted to buy into a private region...but its quite a bit more expensive than my mainland region.

I recommend Cocos Island which you can visit here:

Here are a couple of pictures:

Coco Island

This bridge is quite famous in RL.

Coco Island

An example of the wonderful plant texturing on Cocos Island.

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