Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fret no more!

When at the Best Practices conference several presenters beefed about having to face the slide viewers in use to advance their slides.

Well, heated discussions of the merits of slide presentations in SL aside, I modified my simple viewer discussed in my last post to take care of this problem. So fret no more SL conference presenters because now there is Simone's absurdly simple minimalist podium slide viewer/podium! (AKA Silly viewer)

It consists of a big viewer for the audience and a small viewer that the present er can use to control the slides while facing the audience! All you do is transfer your slide textures from you inventory to the inventory of both the big and small viwers and you are good to go.

I haven't tested it on big sets of slides so I don't know how Erich Bremer'sbuffering system will work with big sets. But it took about 5 minutes last night to whip this together (with a last minute change tonight). By the way I did not start out to make this viewer but it was a proof of concept to myself of another project, namely to update my clunky image map type viewer used in my photosynthesis build. More later.

The picture shows my male AV, Simeon Gateaux who has his own land next to mine and he tests permissions etc.

So if you think my silly little viewer might be of use to you (you can resize and move both prims), you can IM me, Simone Gateaux, in SL or stop by my garden spot (SLurl) in Carmine and grab a copy to try and a note card. It's free but both feedback and donations toward my private tier are accepted.

All you have to do (and this is changed from my desription in SLED BTW, is rez the viewer and insert your slides in the right order (careful here SL will put them in alpha order) into the "podium", resize the main viewer, position the podium and you are ready. Do not mess with the blacked out parts of the prims. They hide the buffered textures.

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